Quality & Safety aren’t Expensive, It’s Priceless!!

If you demand 1st class service and will except no less, then you need to travel with us today. Let our experienced staff make your day at the Grand Canyon the highlight of your visit to Las Vegas. We have a perfect safety record. Once in a lifetime opportunities to visit one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Everyday of the week we create memories that last a lifetime, safety and quality traveling hand in hand with our 1st class tours at discount rates.

Grand Canyon Specialists has been in the tour industry since 1992 and has proudly accommodated over nine million satisfied passengers. Our staff boasts a combined 108 years in the tour and travel business. Our roots in the Las Vegas market stemmed back to 1977 when our founder began transferring tourists to Hoover Dam via limousine. As the owner of a transportation company and travel agency, he realized the potential of organized tours departing from Las Vegas to the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. He realized his visions by running the first round trip one day bus tour to the South Rim. He was also responsible for taking the first Vegas launched vans across the dirt roads and through the Indian Reservations to what in now commonly referred to as the West Rim of the Grand Canyon.

As Las Vegas became the 'Entertainment Capital' in the 80's, the tour industry boomed. Sightseeing excursions were sold at bell desks and box offices at almost every hotel and/or motel on the strip as well as downtown. Competition among the tour operators became fierce, but with high commissions being demanded by the booking agents and bellmen, tour prices skyrocketed. Eventually, prices reached a peak when the price for a tour to the Grand Canyon became too expensive for the average family. Grand Canyon Specialists was created to bring Grand Canyon tours back to the affordable price range comfortable to the tourist, not the middle man. By advertising in local visitor magazines and not having to pay the 60-70% commissions to the booking agents, we were able to provide the highest quality tours at the most affordable rates.

The internet has provided today's educated customer with a plethora of options while planning their vacation and choosing a tour to fit their desires and budget. Most internet 'tour companies' are simply brokers who sell their passengers to the highest bidder, Grand Canyon Specialists is a licensed tour operator, bonded by the State of Nevada. At Grand Canyon Specialists, we are proud to still be offering the best options for you and your family's tour needs. With so many options available to you, it is very important to choose the best one for your trip. Do you want to travel by deluxe motor coach? Would you rather fly? Fixed wing plane or helicopter? Would the West Rim or South Rim be more scenic this time of year? These are all question that or friendly knowledgeable staff would love to answer and help you make an intelligent decision when planning your vacation. A tour to the Grand Canyon, mighty Hoover Dam or any of our destinations can be the perfect compliment to you visit to Las Vegas. Grand Canyon Specialists is committed to helping you choose the right tour for your family while providing it as a reasonable cost by a fun and friendly staff.