From Martha and John Roberts, Grand Rapids, MI

We just got back from some of the greatest tours we have ever experienced. The South Rim bus tour was one of the greatest tours we have ever been on the driver was an excellent guide throughout the tour. The canyon was just unbelievable the photographs we were able to take were defiantly unforgettable. The Hoover Dam tour was just fantastic we had plenty of time to do everything while we were there. We got to see all the attractions and monuments of the Dam and we even did the V.I.P tour I never knew how a Dam worked until now quit breath taking. I will recommend both tours to all my friends and family. Will love to take both tours again when we come back possibly by Helicopter or Airplane the second time I heard they are even more breath taking.

Thanks Once again

Zach Hewitt, Colorado Springs, Co

I just returned from taking the Champagne Picnic and Indian adventure. It was amazing the views from the Helicopter were absolutely just “Wow” We landed so close to the Colorado River you could smell the fresh water. I forget the pilots name but he did a wonderful job. Thanks so much for this once and a lifetime experience will defiantly recommend this tour to all my friends for sure.

Daniel Johnson, Mesquite, NV

Had I known how beautiful the Grand Canyon was I would have traveled there a long time ago. I just wanted to thank Grand Canyon Specialists for the wonderful tour they provide it was just awesome I was speechless throughout most of the tour and these photographs I have of the canyon will last a lifetime. Thanks so much for the greatest experience of my life.